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Niagara Rocks

Published: 02/04/2014

A Geology & Earth Science Tour

Geologists, Naturalists and Scientists both professional and amateur agree that the Niagara Gorge is one of this world's most magnificent showcases for Rock formations, Fossils, and Nature. Our "Niagara Rocks" Encounter takes you into the depths of the Niagara Gorge, and through some of the most engaging and captivating Geological formations available anywhere.

HIKE THE NIAGARA GORGE TRAILS - you can choose a challenging descent into the Gorge and an "up close" Encounter with the geology in the presence of the raging river that carved it. You can also enjoy a more leisurely walk along the rim of the Gorge - and regardless of your chosen path, we offer a unique and educational view of what the world's most famous waterfall can do through the process of Erosion. Discover the flora, the fauna and the legends that fill the caves and crevices of the Gorge.

Ideal for student or adult/family travel.

  • Available April 1-November 1
  • Includes Professional Guide, Picnic Lunch, water refills and Cave of the Winds admission.
  • This is an outdoor activity that involves a considerable amount of walking, stairs into and out of the Gorge and is presented at a moderate exertion level.

Can be combined with other attractions to enjoy a multi-day experience in Niagara USA

Call 1 877 FALLS US

(1 877 325 5787) For more information

Niagara Tourism & Convention Corporation
10 Rainbow Boulevard
Niagara Falls, NY 14303

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