When it comes to music, rock and roll is where it's at to keep things flowing. In Lockport, a relatively new restaurant in town combines rocks and rolls for a different kind of entertainment, keeping your palate satisfied, Japanese-style.

Steak Stone & Sushi Variety of Rolls

Local Restaurant Week was a perfect opportunity to sample some new and different eating establishments or revisit some of the old classics around town. First on our list was Steak Stone & Sushi, a Japanese Restaurant located at 5772 S. Transit Road in the Lock City. It was time to rock and roll, quite literally!

The Japanese restaurant - something a little bit different for Lockport - offers a wide array of authentic Asian food. They are also billed as the first steak-stone grill in the Western New York area. "You can't always get what you want" was a favorite Rolling Stones hit, but we did not have a problem finding food that was pleasing to our palate and reasonably priced.

My wife Sandy and I started out with a "roll" - and while the "Rock-N-Roll" was one consideration, we ended up going with a "Little Delicious" roll that was outstanding. It was filled with spicy tuna, crabmeat, cucumber, avocado and cream cheese in a big seaweed wrap; deep fried and served with sweet eel sauce and spicy mayo as per their recommendation. What a way to start the meal!

Making a selection was not easy for the main entrée. We decided to go with a surf and turf of sorts, sharing our main selections to give each of us a sample of steak and shrimp. "I wanna rock!" No, not the April Wine tune, but one of the SSS steak-stones heated to over 800 degrees. I selected a nice piece of beef - a chunk of tenderloin. The rock exuded heat as I sliced pieces of the prime meat to bite sized chunks and seared them to my liking - medium rare. Tasty stuff!

Tempura Shrimp

My wife selected the Tempura Shrimp (on right) and they were excellent. I already know what I'm going to be ordering the next time we visit this dining hotspot. It was evident that Restaurant Week really worked - the place was packed for a Thursday night. Combined with waitresses who were friendly and efficient, it was certainly a pleasure to give the eatery a test.

If you're interested in learning more about the restaurant's "Sushi Classes" that they offer, send them an email for details. The one and a half hour classes are taught by the professional chefs on staff, giving tips and techniques on preparation of these tasty dishes. Rock and roll is here to stay!